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One of our most popular services: the online Mixing and/or mastering of your recorded files.

The separate tracks provided for mixing, as well as the single LR Stereo file (or Stem file)

sent for mastering, must be edited and ready for use.

Mastering is needed to enhance and balance the aural spectrum of your recordings; to add compression or improve dynamics of the overall sound; to add width, depth and Power (SPL) to the mix, in order to make the music fit together seamlessly.

We offer a 1-minute long free sample for you to decide if our mastering suits your taste.

If so, you can upload your audio files and proceed to the online payment page.

If you want to know more about Stem files or the procedures and advantages of Mastering,

please check the “Mastering & Stem” section of this website.

Follow these 3 simple steps







The first step is to upload your audio files.

Just click Wetransfer button below, send


No registration is required.
Please make sure you carefully follow all instructions before uploading

After you upload your files, we need 48/72 hours at most to provide you with a sample of the finished product.

By doing so, you will able to judge our online Mixing & Mastering service on the final result, with no nasty surprises.

If the service meets your expectations, you

can proceed with the purchaseNo advance payment is required for the mastering

(while a 50% advance is needed for the Mixing):

you pay only if you are satisfied.

If you have any doubt or request about our online Mixing & Mastering services, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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Mastering :

To make sure that the final product sounds as good as possible, please send WAV or AIFF uncompressed stereo files only.

MP3 files are not allowed.

The bit depth and sampling frequency can be of 24bits/44.1Khz, 16bits/44.1Khz, 24bits/48Khz or more.

 Please do not add any effect while exporting your audio files and avoid pre-processing using limiting or compression .


Make sure that the audio files peak in a range between -10 and -3 db in order to allow as much headroom as possible

for us to work with during the mastering. 

If the master track peaks higher than 0db, lowering the volume of the individual tracks in the mix could be required.

If you prefer sending Stem files, please ensure to start each file from the same time code position.

Stem files should meet the same requirements as the other audio files listed above.

 We also suggest that you provide a text file (DOC, RTF or PDF) with as much written information as possible

(notes, recommendations…). Stem files, should be combined in folders - one for each song - and compressed (ZIP or RAR); please remember to name folders with the title of the song.

Mixing :

As for the mastering service, we accept only WAV or AIFF uncompressed stereo files. MP3 files are not allowed.

The bit depth and sampling frequency can be of 24bits/44.1Khz, 16bits/44.1Khz, 24bits/48Khz or more.


You can upload mono or stereo files, according to the type of instrument recorded or the recording method used.

Please ensure that the start point is the same for each track.

Supply only files without audio clipping. Tracks should not peak higher than 0db: if so, please adjust audio levels accordingly.


We suggest you also upload a text file (DOC, RTF or PDF) with as much written information as possible

(notes, recommendations…). Tracks should be combined in folders (one for each song) and compressed (ZIP or RAR);

please make sure to name each folder with the title of the song.

What is Mastering ?


Mastering is the essential final step in the production process of any artistic project.

It enhances the overall sound and corrects potential flaws deriving from the recording or mixing process.

When mastering a record, it is fundamental to have an overall view of how tracks interact with

each other with regards to sound, technique and artistic intent of the project.

Mastering is needed to enhance and balance the aural spectrum of your songs; to add compression or improve dynamics of the overall sound; to add width, depth and Power (SPL) to the mix, in order to make the music fit together seamlessly.

Moreover, the tracklist should be chosen carefully and songs must be provided with the

necessary data (CD-Text, ISRC codes and/or a DDP file for duplication).


The mastering process can dramatically enhance the sound quality of your recording in terms of depth,

presence, stereo perception and smoothness even when listening at low volume.

Moreover, through mastering we can control the intensity of the acoustic pressure, especially in terms of SPL

and sub-harmonics, thus ensuring the best result even on different audio systems, especially the cheaper ones.


Adequate equipment is not enough to achieve the best mastering: in fact, the experience and creativity

of the sound engineer play a key role in the process.

A wrong mastering, that is to say the incorrect setting of certain parameters which should be tested on different audio systems, could result in an utter failure.

Why is Mastering Important ?


Mastering is essential because it is possible that a final mix session, despite the skill of the sound engineer and the quality of the recording studio, might still lack the necessary requirements for optimal reproduction on consumer audio systems.
The listener expects the mix to sound as tight and even as a finished record;

yet, this result can be achieved only through mastering.

Mastering also helps avoiding the annoying lack of balance with regards to volume or EQ (cutting or boosting highs & lows...) when skipping from track to track in a record.


The online Mixing and Mastering services are the same as the services supplied “in the studio” but are cheaper and faster since you don’t have to attend in person; this help reducing costs and delivery time. It is ideal for artists, bands and record labels aiming to offer products which are competitive in terms of quality and production while reducing costs.

What are Stem files ?


A stem is a group of individual tracks assigned to a stereo bus.

For example, usually drum tracks are bussed to a submaster which goes into the mix; if you record a separate stereo track from this drum submaster, you obtain a drum Stem Let’s make another example.

When mastering from stems, you could  have a drum & bass stem, a separate stem for vocals and

a stem for Guitars and Keyboards.

In this case, the sound engineer would work with three different Stereo stems.


Stem mastering allows greater control on the Mastering process.

For example, in the case illustrated above, through stems we can increase the SPL of the rhythm section without effecting the rest.

If instead vocals are muddy and confused, we can correct them without also editing the other tracks.

The same stands if we want create a different sense of depth for each section (rhythm, vocals…)

Stem mastering therefore allows for more accurate fine tuning than working with a single Stereo file

in which all the tracks are grouped together.


If this is the question for you, please mind that an outstanding Mix does not need stems.

On the contrary, if you are satisfied with some of the recorded tracks but not really sure about the mix,

stem files will suit your needs.




  • Free Sample di 1′ > € 0,00

  • 1-5 song > € 50,00 per song

  • 6-10 song > € 45,00 per song

  • + di 10 > € 43,00 per song


  • 1-5 song > € 70,00 per song

  • 6-10 song > € 65,00 per song

  • + di 10 > € 61,00 per song

MIXING MAX 16 Tracks

  • Sample di 1′ > € 30,00 *

  • 1-5 song > € 100,00 per song

  • 6-10 song > € 95,00 per song

  • + di 10 > € 90,00 per song


  • Sample di 1′ > € 25,00 *

  • 1-5 song > € 60,00 per song

  • 6-10 song > € 55,00 per song

  • + di 10 > € 53,00 per song


  • Sample di 1′ > € 25,00*

  • 1-5 song > € 60,00 per song

  • 6-10 song > € 50,00 per song

  • + di 10 > € 45,00 per song

MIXING MAX 24 Tracks

  • Sample di 1′ > € 40,00 *

  • 1-5 song > € 150,00 per song

  • 6-10 song > € 140,00 per song

  • + di 10 > € 135,00 per song

  • Cost over 24 tracks:

  • €3 per additional track

Payment Method

* If you proceed with purchase, the cost of the sample will be deducted from the total amount


You may choose between this payment methods for Mix or Mastering:

1. Bank Transfer
2. Paypal

1. With Bank Transfer:

Account Holder: IMPUT SRL
Reason of transfer:  Mastering Online Payment Service
Bank References: 

IT48 A020 0862 0100 0010 4436 305

Price: Resulting amount.

2. With Paypal:
Send the payment (of final amount) with paypal clicking button here beside. 


Or using Paypal app or website. Go to:  Wallet / Send money / Pay goods or services
Would you indicate where requested followinfg email address:

Once we will receive your payment, we will send the complete files of Mix or Mastering, via Wetransfer.
In addition, would you provide to indicate us following billing information:

If Company: full business name, address and if available in your contry, VAT number
If Private person: Name, Surname, Address and all informations requested in your country.

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